Shizenjin Mura Wilderness Resort Rebranding


Comprehensive rebranding for Shizenjin Mura Wilderness Resort in Akiruno-shi, Tokyo.

The redesign covered architectural and interior design of new lodging and lounge facilities, as well as a complete renewal of brand identity (including logo, website, uniforms,etc.), front of house operations and system, and social media presence.

The former campground was transformed into the Shizenjin Mura Wilderness Resort – featuring upgraded “Tiny House” cabins characterized by open glass doors and completely built from Tokyo-sourced lumber from the Tama region. The Tiny House buildings utilize different types of Tama lumber, tailored to their unique shape, while the interior walls showcase earthen, plaster, and cypress wood elements reflective of the area’s natural features.

The entrance lounge seamlessly connects old and new spaces, featuring irregularly shaped window frames that create a harmonious balance between a historical and natural ambiance. The cobblestone reception counter was handcrafted by the property staff and uses a large wood top inherited from the previous generation owner; embodying the resort’s concept of connecting people and nature through respect for nature’s enduring majesty.





アートディレクター:金城 優人
フォトグラファー:井上 秀兵

設計:和田 拓(株式会社メズマリズム)
施工:棟梁 青柳 英(工房木ままに)
田之倉 健一(ばんじ木工所)
左官工事:斉藤 功