Takanori Iwata – Only One For Me (MV)


Design  /  Scenic design  /  Set-Design  /  Video

The music video for “Only One For Me” places its focus on the song’s theme, “love,” and conveys this message through refreshing visuals. To achieve this, the video was filmed in a vast field, where a large wall was erected, representing various forms of love with a diverse range of colors.

Within the music video, a scene has been carefully crafted, featuring characters who dance and share moments of happiness. This scene highlights the profound capacity of love to unite people and share in the joy it brings.

 The intention behind the music video for “Only One For Me” is to visually articulate the song’s theme, delivering warmth and emotion to the audience through scenes brimming with love and happiness.

「Only One For Me」のミュージックビデオは、曲のテーマである「愛」に焦点が当てられ、爽やかな映像でそのメッセージを伝えた。そのため、撮影場所は広大な原っぱとなっている。また、原っぱに大きな壁を立て、多彩な色彩で愛のさまざまな形を表現した。


「Only One For Me」のミュージックビデオは、愛と幸せに満ちた情景を通じて、曲のテーマを視覚的に表現し、観客に温かさと感動を伝えることを意図している。

DIRECTOR: Yudai Maruyama

DOP: Hiroki Yamada