TONE 1st Collection: TOKYO

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“TONE” is a contemporary furniture brand founded by Taku Wada, the Chief Designer of Mesmerism Inc.

The inaugural TOKYO Collection was inspired by the concrete jungle that is modern Tokyo.
Making abundant use of concrete, which has a profound presence in our urban landscape, the bold, heavy image of the material was incorporated into the furniture to create weighty, well-balanced pieces.

At the center of the collection, the “PLUMMING CHAIR” combines roughly textured concrete with luxurious oiled nubuck leather seats – a high contrast, elegant design.

The table and cabinet also feature juxtapositions of the sturdy concrete with high-quality wood, delicate tinted glass, and plush velvet. As a result, the pieces posses an organic shape and modern impression that enhance the beautiful wood grain and texture.

By utilizing construction materials for durability and solidity and combining them with other high-quality materials, the collection embodies a down-to-earth yet powerful presence.

TONEとはMesmerism Inc.のチーフデザイナー和田拓の作り出すコンテンポラリーファニチャーブランドである。


コレクションの中心となる「PLUMMING CHAIR」は、頑丈なコンクリートと、高級感のあるオイルヌバックレザーの座面を組み合わせた、ハイコントラストでエレガントなデザインで空間全体に洗練された雰囲気を醸し出します。



Production by Mesmerism Inc.

Product Design: Taku Wada
Craftsman: Kenichi Sato
Art Direction: Kohei Kanomata, Ryo Usami, Charlotte Chan
Floral arrangement: Tomonobu Iguchi 
Still Photography: Daiki Ueda
Retouching: Mitsutaka Goto
Videography: Yudai Maruyama
Graphic Design: Hana Fujibayashi

With love to: Takafumi Toyama, Masashi Fukunaga