Tone 1st Collection

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“Tone” is a collection of contemporary furniture created by Wada Taku, the Chief Designer of Mesmerism Inc. The current dining set, which is the 1st collection, combines the urban and solid atmosphere while utilizing modern design and robust construction materials. It is designed with the theme of “Tokyo,” inspired by the streets of Tokyo.

The table features a simple yet powerful design, combining sturdy concrete with high-quality wood. As a result, this table has an organic shape and a modern impression that enhances the beautiful wood grain and texture.

Similarly, the chairs are made by combining robust concrete with leather seats. The backrest has a simple yet elegant design that exudes a sophisticated atmosphere throughout the space.

Overall, by utilizing construction materials for durability and solidity, and combining modern design with high-quality materials, this item embodies a simple yet powerful presence.

ToneとはMesmerism Inc.のチーフデザイナー和田拓の作り出すコンテンポラリーファニチャーのコレクションである。





Designer : Taku Wada
Set Design by Mesmerism Inc.